Monday, August 30, 2010

Song of the Sea

I am so excited!  I signed p for my first online course.  It is a collage class with Gina Armfield.
I've been following her blog for a long time and love her work.  She has a colorful exciting look to her work that makes me feel happy.
The thing that pushed me over the edge into online classes was my new IPad.  I can take it into my studio and follow along with the demonstrations.
How cool is that?
Check out her website and The class, perhaps you would like to join us?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

27th Anniversary

Last week my dearly beloved celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary in the Napa Valley.
We ate wonderful food, sat by the pool and enjoyed the scenery.  
Before we left I made him a card, thinking of the August theme of fire over at CED. 
The thing about being with your partner for longer than you were alive before you married (I was 26) is that the fire of your relationship really becomes like embers in a very hot fire.  
The kind you stare into in the dark of night and see things and tell stories around. The kind of embers a shaman would weave tales of fortune and folly around.  There is a history and a warmth. And most importantly, love.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Naked Ladies

When my dearly beloved and I were married we traveled up the Eastern Sierras hiking and camping on our way to honeymoon in Lake Tahoe.  As we drove North from Southern California I began to see the most amazing pink flowers blooming along the roadside.  I had never seen those flowers before and had no idea what their names were.
I just called them anniversary flowers.
Every year around the beginning of August the long leafless pink stalks begin to rise out of the ground.  Then the pink pods at the end of the stalks sprout big pink flowers!  A few years ago I finally found out they are called Naked Ladies because they have no leaves.
Whenever I see them I smile and think of my anniversary and happy honeymoon memories.  In a few days we will be celebrating 27 years of making art and a life together.
Lucky me!  
The photograph is of a few of the naked ladies blooming in our yard.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Over on the Creative Every Day site the August theme is Fire.
Fire covers a lot of ground.  Literally lighting a fire, warmth.  Then there are the times I just want to burn down the studio I am so frustrated! Wildfires spreading across the landscape, fires burning the soul.

Last August while camping with my dearly beloved and oldest son, my son announced he wouldn't be returning to college.  I was heartbroken, frustrated and afraid for him.  What would become of him?  After all the years of work and so much time spent helping him to "get ahead".
At one point I felt like my hair was on fire and my heart was a dried leaf, crumpled and damaged.
I found a wrapper on the road and a dried leaf nearby.  In my journal I made a collage to express my feelings.

A year later he is fine.  He is supporting himself and is in better shape than I ever imagined.  It has taken a huge leap of faith by our son and our family.  Those days of feeling like my emotions were on fire have grown into a steadfast realization that life somehow and forever works out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twisted Sistah Revisited

I've been working along on my Twisted Sistah neck piece I started in my weekend with Diana Frey.
I'm almost finished, Just need to solder f few more brass and silver links so it is long enough to wear.
Here is a peek at how it is coming along-

See the little nest in the resin bezel?  The colors are a pale forest floor with lots of pearls, gems and crystals.  I am so enjoying the mediation and problem solving that comes with wrapping the beads and wire.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bracelet Queen

I love Bracelets.
They are my favorite type of jewelry.
They are a treat for the wearer because you can enjoy them as much as the people around you.
Bracelets can tell little stories, dress up some old bit of clothing or cheer the day.
At any given time I can be found wearing at least one.  Three is better.
I am the Bracelet Queen!
My current love is a fine little example with mixed metals (brass and silver) pearls, citrine crystal squares and fine fused silver chain I made a few weeks ago.
So warm and lovely... YUM!
Some of the pieces came from Guilding the Lily in Fullerton, CA.  A completely delightful store filled to the brim with treasures.  Vintage ribbons, glass pearls, vintage chain, buttons.  A dream come true for mixed media artists.
I'll share a few other little treasures I've been working on-

It's a new month, Enjoy!