Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Messy Life

Dear Blog,
I am so sorry I haven't written in the past 6 weeks.  You see, life is a messy thing and I am in the thick of it.    When I started Blessings and Charms I wanted to have it as a place to let my Art Flag fly.  But as things go I got a little side tracked.
First, I have been making jewelry, firing PMC charms and collaging!  Creative every day.

I created a Disintigration Bundle for the future and hope to link whatever happens with it to an online group.

I created a 6 page spread for our Art Sisters traveling journal.

So... I have been making art and creating new possibilities.

What hasn't happened is uploading jewelry to my new ETSY store.  And writing my blog.  I feel like I have so much to say somedays I can't take the time to stop and write.  Then there are the other days when I'm dealing with my chronic illness and I can't make it out of bed.

Last weekend in the S. F. Chronicle there was a great article about Dr. Dean Ornish.  The quote I was most inspired by was this - "I made a decision not to kill myself and a vow that I would live a messy life.  I would make mistakes, but I would live it."

Thank you Dr. Ornish.  I may be living a messy life, but I am greatful today and every day.  I love my husband, my boys, my family and friends, my dear Pug and all the beings that inhabit my little world here on the north coast of California.