Monday, August 16, 2010

Naked Ladies

When my dearly beloved and I were married we traveled up the Eastern Sierras hiking and camping on our way to honeymoon in Lake Tahoe.  As we drove North from Southern California I began to see the most amazing pink flowers blooming along the roadside.  I had never seen those flowers before and had no idea what their names were.
I just called them anniversary flowers.
Every year around the beginning of August the long leafless pink stalks begin to rise out of the ground.  Then the pink pods at the end of the stalks sprout big pink flowers!  A few years ago I finally found out they are called Naked Ladies because they have no leaves.
Whenever I see them I smile and think of my anniversary and happy honeymoon memories.  In a few days we will be celebrating 27 years of making art and a life together.
Lucky me!  
The photograph is of a few of the naked ladies blooming in our yard.


Nicole Austin said...

what a lovely story! i love those flowers, too, but never knew their name until now. happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Back home we call them 'ditch lilies'...I much prefer the 'naked ladies though! I dug them up from my mother's yard in the early 80's and fed-ex'd them overnight to San Jose. The pink is indescribable!

sent you an email...get it??