Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bracelet Queen

I love Bracelets.
They are my favorite type of jewelry.
They are a treat for the wearer because you can enjoy them as much as the people around you.
Bracelets can tell little stories, dress up some old bit of clothing or cheer the day.
At any given time I can be found wearing at least one.  Three is better.
I am the Bracelet Queen!
My current love is a fine little example with mixed metals (brass and silver) pearls, citrine crystal squares and fine fused silver chain I made a few weeks ago.
So warm and lovely... YUM!
Some of the pieces came from Guilding the Lily in Fullerton, CA.  A completely delightful store filled to the brim with treasures.  Vintage ribbons, glass pearls, vintage chain, buttons.  A dream come true for mixed media artists.
I'll share a few other little treasures I've been working on-

It's a new month, Enjoy!

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nancy said...

Julie, I just read the whole month of August and I am so inspired. I am sitting here at my work desk just wanting to jump up, run out the door and go create and experience the life outside! I would love to have the bracelet with the cross on it if you are selling it or may I put my order in for one like it? Can't wait to see you on the 25th. YOU are an inspiration! Love, Nanc