Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twisted Sistah Revisited

I've been working along on my Twisted Sistah neck piece I started in my weekend with Diana Frey.
I'm almost finished, Just need to solder f few more brass and silver links so it is long enough to wear.
Here is a peek at how it is coming along-

See the little nest in the resin bezel?  The colors are a pale forest floor with lots of pearls, gems and crystals.  I am so enjoying the mediation and problem solving that comes with wrapping the beads and wire.


Nicole Austin said...

wow! this is lovely! :)

Mari Torres said...

Your necklace looks beautiful! It was very nice meeting you in Diana's class & so sweet of you to share some of your lovely beads with me. :)

Diana said...

Love the colors you chose to highlight your bird's nest, Julie. Your necklace is really turning out wonderfully. It was such a pleasure having you in yet another class. You are always a joy to be around.