Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I love Anthrpologie!

I love the Anthropologie stores.  The displays are always so creative and every store is unique.
Last weekend I was at the Anthropologie store in Burlingame, CA.  I was blown away by the mannequin in the window.  She was dressed in a gown of pleated fans of old dress pattern paper.
Around the collar were wooden laundry pins strung into fans cascading down the dress around the waist.

It was such a fabulous example of pure serendipity and unbridled creativity! 
Even in the rain streaked window she looked magnificent!
Not only was the lovely dress in the window a piece of art, several other displays were amazing too.
The paint chips as a wall mural-
How much do you love this?

And then there was the tableware display with huge rope nets and vintage glass fishing floats.

All this and more is why I love Anthropologie!


Nicole Austin said...

i love anthropologie, too! i always love their window displays. but i think this one takes the cake! i'm glad you got photos of it, it's too far away for me to visit (i heard about it on the BAAS yahoo group!) i love how something so simple can create something so beautiful and inspiring! thanks for sharing!

juliebstudio said...

Thank you Nicole for checking out my blog. Each Anthro is unique and I was thrilled to catch this display. Hope you and the family are well, and we can see each other at the next BAAS.