Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shell Baby

Last weekend I finally finished my little shell baby necklace.
That poor little dear has languished on my bead board for two years.
How is that possible? She was so sweet and I was so unsure what to do with her.
Finally, enough was enough and I sat down and finished her.

In some ways I felt she looked like she was someone else's project. But now that she is finished I know this piece is all mine.  I am learning new ways of making jewelry and loving it.
I like telling a story, using found elements. Although I have been working in mixed media jewelry for a few years now, not many of my buyers seem to like the results. Oh well, onward in the name of self expression...


Diana said...

I just love this little shell baby Julie!! Very unique. Keep on designing those things that bring you joy.

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Julie, I LOVE this! Keep doing more of these kind of pieces, ones that talk to you. If you are moved, buyers will be! Happens every time. Thanks for stopping by, good luck on the contest!! Take care and great meeting you too. Loved the retreat, it was wonderful. Riki