Monday, July 26, 2010


Howdy dear blog friends.
How could it be the end of July and not one post?  I've been a busy bee this month. 
I'm making jewelry, journaling, I've gone to a weekend jewelry workshop and have been visiting my dear dad in the hospital.  My sister and nieces came for a visit, too. July has been full of surprises both good and bad. Health matters, we bought a very used car and through it all I have been carving out bits of time for me. Relationship seems to be the word of the month

This week I promised to blog every day- NO MATTER WHAT!
My program here seems a little iffy today in the formatting, but I will include some recent photos.

On the left is my work tray from the Twisted Sistah Workshop I took in San Luis Obispo with the lovely and incredibly talented  Ms. Diana Frey.  I will write more about that this week.

There seems to be a list making it's rounds through the blogs, I've tracked it through several links.  I think it started in The Simple Woman's Daybook..
Here is my list:

For Today
Outside my window... The Trumpet Flower bush my dearly beloved gave me for our anniversary is blooming
I am thinking... of taking a nap
I am thankful for... my life
From the kitchen... a huge green energy drink my dear one me made for lunch
I am wearing ... pink crops, ugg boots and polar fleece
I am creating... a new relationship with my blog
I am going... to the store for food & prescriptions
I am reading... Stephanie Lee's Semi-precious Salvage
I am hoping... My migraine goes away
I am hearing... silence
Around the house... it's a cold, foggy, windy, coast of northern California day
One of my favorite things... chocolate chip cookies with my morning coffee
A few plans for the week... BLOG!!! also a quick beaded bracelet class tomorrow night and best of all, help hang my dearly beloved's photographs for an upcoming show that opens Sunday!

XOXO Julie B.


Diana said...

Sweet Julie....I do hope you are feeling better and your migraine has subsided. It was so wonderful having you in class a few weeks are such a joyful spirit. I look forward to seeing photos of your completed choker.

Sandy Navarro said...

Hey Julie,

It was so great to meet you in Diana's class. Can't wait til the next one.