Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In The Fog

This time of year always seens like a slog.  The San Mateo coastside is always in the cold, drippy fog and it feels like the sun will never come out.  I bundle up and walk the studio pug anyway and enjoy the cool breezes and swear at the gray!  

But actually there is a lot of color in the dying grasses and dark shadows cast by coastal cypress.  The tops of the hills are missing.  It feels a little like the ceiling has fallen in.

The last of the rattlesnake grass is scattering in the wind.

Soon the open space will be filled with Queen Anne's Lace.
It's a favorite sight this time of year.  Thousands of lacy umbrellas fill the meadows.  It seems so dreamy with the fog and drizzle.

Tonight I am off to the Beading Frenzy for a class on leather bracelets wrapped with gems.  Should be fun, I will share tomorrow right here!
Remember I'm making a Post-A-Day this week!
I promise to show and tell all the lovlies I've been working on.

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