Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Treasure from the Fair

Last weekend my Sister came for a visit. We had an amazing time as sisters often do. We ate, laughed, talked, shopped and did I mention eating?

We saw the play Wicked. Delightful, charming, I'm still humming the song Defying Gravity! Walked The Royal Pug, watched the Academy Awards and made vanilla cupcakes with the Magnolia Bakery recipe.

Best of all was our trip to The Alameda Point Antique and Collectible Fair. Wow, what a place! So many vendors, so many buyers, so much stuff for sale. This was my first time and it lived up to it's reputation. My sis bought some cute cat miniatures, rabbit candle sticks and some 1950's drinking glasses with gold pears on the outside. The vendors really knew their jewelry and prices. I picked up some lace, baby shoes and a french language book to collage with.

I have been hunting for a mannequin to display my jewelry on for some time. They've all been too shabby or the frame is distracting or way too much money. As we were leaving I spotted a wonderful vendor from the Tattered House in Roseville. The booth was decorated with all kinds of yummy things. I think the owner's name is Sandy and she had the dress form of my dreams! I looked it over and quickly asked her "Is she for sale"? YES! and I paid her on the spot so no one could come between me and my prize. Before I could leave the booth Sandy shared some of the most delicious coffee cake I have ever tasted. All that made for a very successful trip to the Fair! Check out my lovely new prize.

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HeArt Collective said...

How funny!
We were shopping in the same place a the same time! I know of at least 4 different parties that were all there last time...

I picked up a German language book to collage with that has the most GORGEOUS gothic text!

Right now I'm concentrating on using up some of the vintage beads and bling that I got the time before that... they're going on fabric cuffs.

I'll post them on Thursday after I work on them at Tangerine tomorrow...

Can't wait to get together, again!