Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let it all spill out...

Starting a blog was only the beginning. Now I actually have to post. This is sometimes difficult because I tend to hold my emotions and thoughts inside. Although this may seem obvious, it wasn't something I considered when beginning.

I recently took a communication course through Landmark Education. There have been many miracles from those weekends and am working hard to speak the truth in my life.
I discovered I am not a stand for myself and my artistic expression. Getting me in to my studio is the very last thing on the lists that I make. When they said I could have anything I wanted for myself and my life I didn't realise it would take the whole me to come out of hiding and holding back from others. It is no mystery why I'm struggling with making art.

Having Anything I want for my life is something I'm not familiar with. I would say Anything for my children, Anything for my husband, Anything for my friends, but Anything for me is something that until I took that seminar was just not possible. Now I see I too can have Anything I want for my life. It's me that needs to show up!

The possibility I am creating for my life and my future is fearless honesty in communication and full self expression.


Diana said...

Julie.........Julie.....come out and play!! It's okay to want things for yourself and express yourself. Let that little girl out....she has been playing hide and seek too long.

HappyDayArt! said...

Julie, I lost the first comment I posted here so if you get 2 sorry.

I took all those courses before they were Landmark between the ages of 18 and 24 and it was a very wonderful time in my life. Then I took the Forum when it became Landmark, once when I was 33.

That is another thing we have in common with each other now.