Monday, February 15, 2010

Three hundred miles...

Three hundred miles, three days and three good things. This blog may be about my artistic life, but nothing stops that in it's tracks fast enough than issues with my family.

Last week we took a fast trip to Eureka to visit our oldest. We went to check in and get his world. In the course of our visit I realised it is time to let go of all the internal conversations about our son and let him unfold. For some time I have wondered if each time we saw him it would be my last. That ended with our visit. He is a grown man, not the child I once held so close. But always and forever my beloved son.

The word cherish comes to mind. Cherish the memories. Cherish the man he is. Cherish every moment we have without adding anything to it. I want him to have a life with someone to love and someone to love him. To make money, do what inspires him, to love and be loved.

My Dearly Beloved and I have been fortunate enough to make a living doing what we love as artists. We have struggled for support and money, although most people struggle with the same issues and aren't even doing what they are passionate about.

To love and be loved.
To cherish the moment.
To live your passion.

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