Monday, February 8, 2010

Living the Creative Life

What does it mean to life the creative life?
Sometimes it means cleaning and cooking all weekend so you can have a double birthday/ Superbowl party. We had a delicious, fun time. It was a special celebration for all the above reasons and especialy because my Dearly Beloved is begining to recover from a 2 1/2 year struggle with Lyme Disease
I didn't make it into the studio. Like so many days and weekends where life, family and friends are the important part.
But my wonderful weekend has left me thinking. What about Me? Where do I carve out some time for my art? As a wife, mother and nature lover when do I go to the studio? I think about going into the studio (I am lucky enough to have a huge studio). I think about going to my studio when I'm driving, or in the shower, or walking my princess pug.
Let's look at what I am working on. Today I am feaverishly gessoing pages in my visual journal. I'm working in my husband's studio, my "other job" and dreaming of what to make next.
I have 3 journals I am working on.
1. My visual journal.
2. My idea journal of clippings of cool jewelry, colors, shapes, anything inspiring
3. My written journal (that may be eclipsed by my blog)
4. Several repair jobs for friend's jewelry.
5. My own jewelry projects

Whew! So I really need some serious studio time. Notice what is number 5. This is the key element in my question.
Who in in charge of my creative life? ME. I am the one that says my art comes last. I'm the one waiting for some sign that says "go to your studio!"
The rest is all the ghosts in my head - yelling loudly - telling me I can't do this.

Time to go to my studio!

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stephanie said...

nice going chica! good to see you in the blogs...i owe you a phone call (sick kids..ugh)...