Thursday, September 23, 2010

Washi Tape Special Delivery

Thanks to Kelly Kilmer and Gina (sweetsistergina blog) I have discovered the delights of Japanese Washi tape.  I ordered some from Karen in the Etsy shop Washimatta and received the most beautiful package of tape.  In the charming tradition of wrapping everything exquisitely, my package of tape arrived in beautiful style!
Take a look-

I felt like it was Chrismas.  Thanks Karen!
I have already used several colors in putting together my Song of the Sea Journal in Gina's online class.


Nicole Austin said...

what a great collection of tape! kelly's class is where my tape addiction started! :) are you taking her classes next month?

gina armfield said...

ohhh love them - I just like looking at them! Just ordered a bit too many myself - well never too many but maybe too many bucks!

Jul said...

That looks like such a fun package to receive. Lucky you!