Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Need Wings

Slogging through the last few months I realised I needed wings.  Wings to lighten the load or make me laugh or just to get above the fog.
When I walked up to my studio loft this morning I was thinking... I need wings....

There on my jewelry worktable a small set of blue wings have sat for many months now.  They were purchased from the cleaver, creative Llynn Davis at another time when I needed wings.  But in all this time, I've looked them over time and time again. They've been lost and found again, still I just couldn't picture how I should use them.

This morning was different.  I HAD to make something!  So I started and imagined and wrapped silver.  Putting pieces together and taking beads away.  Ohhh..  I liked where it was going.

In the end it turned into a lovely necklace, wings and all.
Sky colored ceramic beads, clear for the rain, pearls for clouds and dark blue and shiny silver to set off the sweet mood my wings put me in.


Nicole Austin said...

beautiful! don't you love it when you wait for the right moment to use a cherished piece and it all comes together just like magic? lovely necklace!

MicheleV said...

The photo does not do this beautiful piece justice.

MicheleV said...

I hit send too soon. I meant to add that the wings as I focal point are so striking. I glad I got to see it in person.