Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shell Baby

Last weekend I finally finished my little shell baby necklace.
That poor little dear has languished on my bead board for two years.
How is that possible? She was so sweet and I was so unsure what to do with her.
Finally, enough was enough and I sat down and finished her.

In some ways I felt she looked like she was someone else's project. But now that she is finished I know this piece is all mine.  I am learning new ways of making jewelry and loving it.
I like telling a story, using found elements. Although I have been working in mixed media jewelry for a few years now, not many of my buyers seem to like the results. Oh well, onward in the name of self expression...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I love Anthrpologie!

I love the Anthropologie stores.  The displays are always so creative and every store is unique.
Last weekend I was at the Anthropologie store in Burlingame, CA.  I was blown away by the mannequin in the window.  She was dressed in a gown of pleated fans of old dress pattern paper.
Around the collar were wooden laundry pins strung into fans cascading down the dress around the waist.

It was such a fabulous example of pure serendipity and unbridled creativity! 
Even in the rain streaked window she looked magnificent!
Not only was the lovely dress in the window a piece of art, several other displays were amazing too.
The paint chips as a wall mural-
How much do you love this?

And then there was the tableware display with huge rope nets and vintage glass fishing floats.

All this and more is why I love Anthropologie!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My first post of 2011

Oh my dear friends, where have I been? 
First, let me say I have been on a very strong antibiotic regime for my ongoing Lyme Disease. At first it wasn't so bad, but here it is mid-March and I haven't written one blog entry. The meds seem to take all of my energy and there is little left for other.
"Other" meaning things I love, things I care about and keeping up with anything that isn't on my A list.
I've learned what chronic illness is about.  It's a take away game, where as time goes by there is less and less of who you thought you were. 
I forget...
I put off until tomorrow or the next day or week or...
I watch all of the swirling energy of the people in my life and wish...

One wonderful thing I have done is participate in The Brave Girl's Soul Restoration.  That was fun and inspiring. Ms. Melody Ross and all the Brave Girls were fantastic! It felt like a way back to who I am, and in some ways it was. The most useful part of the 6 week internet course was what I discovered about my life right now-
I gave up on myself.
That's right, I forgot, put off and stared so long I had completely given up on myself. 

So here we are and I am back to my blog- Yipee!
I am also back making jewelry.  Happy jewelry with art glass and silver and colorful sparkly things. I will be sharing those soon.